Committees – How We Work

To manage the business of the Governing Body efficiently and to make best use of the many skills and expertise of our governors some of the work of the Governing Body is delegated to committees. This allows more time to discuss important issues at main meetings, whilst specialist issues can be discussed at greater length by smaller groups. The committees meet once or twice a term with the Headteacher, and the full Governing Body usually meets once each term.

Each committee reports fully to the whole Governing Body through its agenda / minutes and we work through five committees:

Finance – recommends the annual budget to the Governing Body and monitors expenditure against budget throughout the year.

Personnel – the Governing Body employs all staff who work in the school and this committee needs to ensure that all of the responsibilities of employment are met.

Learning and Achievement Committee – working with the Headteacher, sets the school’s statutory attainment targets for approval by the Governing Body; monitors pupil-performance across the school; and reviews the implementation of statutory policies.

Premises, Health & Safety – advises the Governing Body on health and safety and the maintenance and development of the school premises.

Admissions – Ensures the Admissions Policy meets statutory and diocesan requirements, grades applications received from the Local Authority in accordance with the Admissions Policy and deals with any appeals.

Catholic Life Committee – Ensures the Leadership of the school actively maintains the Catholicity of St Theresa’s Primary School and that the Gospel Values by which we all strive to live by are woven like a golden thread  through all policies, decisions and actions in  strategic and operational life.