Girls in STEM day at the RAF Museum

The year 6 girls were one of 6 schools invited to a special ‘Girls in STEM’ day at the RAF museum to celebrate ‘International Women in  Engineering Day’. 

The girls has great fun finding out about the career opportunities for themselves in the STEM field and then taking part in three really fun and different activities. They first had to work out using problem solving skills how best to build a bridge that would be able to support as many bean bags as possible to replicate the humanitarian work done by the RAF and the problems faced by them. The girls were brilliant and even had a group get over 50 bean bags on their bridge. 

Our second activity was a fantastic treasure hunt around the 3 Hangars of the RAF museum where the girls had to find different vehicles, people and facts all around the history of the museum, we worked up quite a sweat in doing so! 

After lunch we then got to use our coding skills and apply them to a real life scenario which would help the RAF save money and fuel. The girls had to successfully programme a robot using algorithms to ensure it could pull a plane safely from the hangar and onto the runway. The task was really tricky but the group showed amazing perseverance and got their in the end. 


It was a great day and really opened some of pupils eyes to what kind of career paths they may wish to follow in the future.