Friends & Class Representatives


The Friends

Chair: Cristina Ihiri Haswani

Vice-Chair: Olamide Ogunbanjo

Treasurer: Charlotte Fraser

Operations Executive: Joanna Malecka

Class Representatives

  • Reception: Cliona
  • Year 1: Yana
  • Year 2: Marysia & Stanka
  • Year 3: Lisa
  • Year 4: Charlotte
  • Year 5: Laura
  • Year 6: Orla

The Friends and Class Representatives embody the values of equality, inclusion, and diversity of St. Theresa’s School as parent and carer volunteers who generously devote their time and expertise to support St. Theresa’s School. Their constructive efforts are integral to the school’s overall effectiveness and contribute significantly to fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment.

As our school’s Parent/Teacher Association (PTA), the Friends, led by passionate parents and carers, strive to enrich their children’s school experience through engaging and enjoyable events. These events serve not only to build a strong sense of community among parents, carers, children, and teachers but also to promote values of inclusion and respect for all.

In addition to community-building, the Friends also play a crucial role in fundraising to support our children’s education and well-being. In a time of budget constraints, their efforts become even more vital in providing enriching experiences and resources that enhance our children’s education and life at St. Theresa’s. The Committee, in collaboration with the Executive Headteacher and the Head of School, ensures that funds are allocated in alignment with our school’s values and mission.

We warmly invite all parents, carers, and teachers to join us in this important endeavour. Whether lending a hand at events or contributing to the Committee, every effort helps strengthen our community and enrich the educational experience for our children.

If you are interested in becoming a Friend, assisting with events, or seeking further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the school office at Your participation is invaluable in promoting our shared values of equality, inclusion, and diversity at St. Theresa’s School.

If you are interested in becoming a Friend or helping with events, or need any further information about The Friends, please contact us via the school office at