Friends & Class Representatives

Both the friends and parent representatives are parent volunteers who give their time and expertise to help St. Theresa’s Primary School. They are a valued part of the school community and the constructive work that they do contributes to the overall effectiveness of our school.

The Friends


  • Mrs Lisa Keating


  • Mrs Angela Barrett


  • Ms Blanca Alegria

If you are interested in becoming a Friend or helping out with events, or need any further information about The Friends, please contact us via the school office at 

Class Representatives

  • Reception: Lisa Boverhoff
  • Year 1: Sheena Varnava 
  • Year 2: Laura Cavagna
  • Year 3: Julia Harris
  • Year 4: Halina Gibson
  • Year 5: Lisa Keating
  • Year 6: Laura Muellermartin