Photos & Events


Year 6 R.A.F Museum Trip

The class started their topic with an amazing trip to the R.A.F museum where they were able to see planes […]


Nativity 2022!

Nativity 2022! Well done Year 1 and 2 for putting on such a great nativity. The children spoke brilliantly and […]


Year 6 Trip to London Zoo

As part of their learning about animal adaptations and the life of Charles Darwin, Year 6 went on a day […]


Year 5 Trip to Petrie Museum

To end the Year 5 topic ‘Pharaohs’ the class got the opportunity to visit the very special Petrie Museum at […]


Year 5 Charterhouse Trip

To kick start the Year 5 topic ‘Off with her head’ Year 5 went to visit the Charterhouse Museum. The […]


Year 4 Times Table Rockstars Day

Year 4 have been learning their times tables with the help of TT Rockstars for their rockstars day! The children […]


Year 4 Trip to London Mithraeum

Year 4 really got hands on with their topic on the Romans with a trip to the London Mithraeum. The […]


Year 3 Trip to Pizza Express

Year 3 were incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to visit and take part in a cooking class at Pizza […]


Year 6 Trip to Natural History Museum

Year 6 had a splendid day at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington as part of their topic on […]


Year 2 Trip to the Golden Hinde

As part of their ‘Land Ahoy’ topic, Year 2 spent the day at the Golden Hinde! They were able to […]