Types of Governors

The Governing Body of St. Theresa’s Catholic Primary School has 10 governors, as defined by its Instrument of Government.  All Governors are volunteers and consist of the following types:

Foundation Governors

Foundation Governors are appointed by the Archbishop of Westminster and form the majority of the governing body. They have a legal duty to preserve and develop the Catholic ethos of the school and to ensure that the school is conducted in accordance with its Trust Deed.

Parent Governors

Parent Governors are appointed following nominations and election by the parents and carers of children at the school.

Local Authority Governor

LA Governors are governors appointed by the London Borough of Barnet.

Staff Governors

The Headteacher is a staff governor by virtue of their office. Other staff (teaching or support staff), are elected by staff at the school.

Associate Members

The governing body can appoint associate members (non-voting) to serve on one or more governing body committees and attend full governing body meetings. They are not governors.


By law every governing body must have a clerk. The clerk’s role centres on governing body meetings- to inform governors of the meeting, prepare and distribute the agenda, write the minutes, give procedural advice at the meeting and carry out follow-up correspondence.


Governors are usually appointed for a term of office of four years.  Each year they elect a Chair, Vice Chair and Chairs of Committees.