Pupil Voice

At St. Theresa’s we believe that every child has the right to be heard and to be included in decisions at our school that involve and affect them. This right is set out in Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

At St Theresa’s we have a number of councils, groups and committees that are attended by children and adults alike. These include the school council and the school travel plan group. Children also have the opportunity to help plan, evaluate and review initiatives and programmes throughout the school through class and group discussions.

We take notice of all positive and constructive comments and will respond with explanations, changes, and new child inspired developments.

Bottle Top Mosaic Competition

To try and increase the amount we recycle as a school the School Council have come up with a fantastic idea to help both save the environment but allow us to share our creative talents by having a Mosaic designing competition. Please see the PowerPoint below for more information about the competition! 

St Theresa’s Bottle Cap Mosaic Design Competition! School Council Meeting February 

The Year 5 girls have done an amazing job so far creating their wonderful mural using all the donated plastic bottle caps! 


Sports Council 

Our Sports council are made up of students who sole aim is to try and improve the quality and quantity of sport at St Theresa’s! 

The Sports Council has highlighted that a Breakfast Sports Club would be a great idea. We are going to alternate each half term between a KS1 and KS2 sports club before school. We are also going to try and think of some sporty fund raising activities to invest in more sports equipment. 


Young Interpreters

The Young Interpreter Scheme® recognises the huge potential that exists within each school community for pupils of all ages to use their skills and knowledge to support new learners of English so that they feel safe, settled and valued from the start.

Young Interpreters undergo specific training to prepare for this role and are selected on the basis of different personal qualities they may have. The support they can offer to a newly-arrived pupil can be very reassuring from a parent or carer’s point of view at a time when their child may be adapting to substantial changes. It also supports school staff in a variety of ways at different points during the school day.

Our Young Interpreters act as role models for all children within the school and act brilliantly as buddies for those children who struggle with English. They have created some amazing guides in their mother tongue for children to use to help them around the school.