Sports Council

The Senior School Sports Council are a small group of children in Year 6 whose aim is to improve participation, enjoyment and development in all areas of sport at St Theresa’s. The Sports Council, led by the School Sports leaders, have a number of tasks to carry out. Some of these tasks include: organising inter-school competitions, ensuring all children take part in virtual challenges, train to become young leaders and then help other Year 6 children to become young leaders, work closely alongside the Non Stop Action Coaches and Mr Troy to develop and improve participation in all sport, organise and monitor playground equipment and to help adults maintain and organise the sports equipment.
The Senior Sports Council also meet on a regular basis with Mr Troy our Sports Leader to discuss how we can build upon our award winning sports provision at St Theresa’s.
The Sports Council are already in place for this year, having been voted in by their class mates to represent them on this successful initiative at St Theresa’s. We hope to further increase our participation in Sports competitions, events and clubs so that every child is physically active in school and after school. We want everyone to be fit, physical, skilled and healthy!