Policies, Guidance and GDPR

Accessibility Policy (next review April 2019)

Anti-Bullying Policy (next review July 2020)

Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy March 2021 (next review March 2022)

Appraisal Policy and Procedure for Teachers September 2020 (next review September 2022)

Attendance and Punctuality Policy February 2021 (next review February 2023)

Behaviour Policy (next review July 2020)

Behaviour Guidelines during COVID-19 September 2020.docx

Capability Policy and Procedure September 2020 (next review September 2022)

Charging and Remissions Policy (next review November 2021)

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy September 2020.(next review September 2021)

Complaints Policy January 2020 (next review January 2022)

Computing Policy (next review July 2020)

Data Protection Policy February 2021 (next review 2022)

DfE Keeping Children Safe in Education Published September 2020

DfE The Prevent duty

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure September 2020 (next review September 2022)

EAL Policy (next review April 2021)

Educational Visits Policy (next review November 2021)

Equality Policy (next review July 2020)

EYFS Policy (next review July 2023)

Financial Management Policy November 2020.doc (next review November 2021)

Freedom of Information Policy

Governor Visits Policy (next review April 2024)

Grievance Policy   (next review April 2023)

Health & Safety Policy (next review July 2020)

Home School Agreement September 2019 (next review September 2021)

Lone Working Policy  (next review April 2023)

Looked After Child Policy (next review July 2022)

Managing Organisational Change Policy September 2020 (next review September 2023)

Online Safety Policy – next review July 2020)

Pay Policy Sept 2021  (next review September 2022)

Relationships and Sex Education Policy Feb 2021 (next review February 2023)

Religious Education Policy May 2021 (next review May 2022)

Sickness Absence Policy and Procedure September 2020 (next review September 2022)

Special Educational Needs & Disability Policy (next review July 2020)

Staff Absence Policy September 2020 (next review September 2022)

Staff Code of Conduct September 2020 (next review September 2021)

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions & First Aid Policy (next review January 2023)

Teaching-Learning-Assessment-Policy(next review March 2023)

Uniform Policy (next review December 2021)

Whistle-Blowing Policy November 2020 (next review November 2021)