If you have any worries about your child at any time, please come and see us. You can either telephone or write in to make an appointment with the class teacher. If you have an urgent problem, please call into the school office and either The SLT will do their best to see you.

Parent Consultations.

We hold two main Parent Consultations per year, the first in the autumn term, to enable teachers and parents to get to know each other early in the school year and the second in the spring term, to discuss progress and developments and to look at your child’s work. In the summer term the school also invites parents, teachers and governors to an open evening when you can visit the classrooms, observe displays, talk to other members of the school community and celebrate the children’s success. Once a year the school opens its doors to existing parents to really see the school in action! At the end of the summer term, your child will bring home a yearly report.

Curriculum Information Sheets

At the beginning of the school year parents are invited to attend a curriculum meeting, where you will receive a curriculum sheet and other important information, giving a brief account of the work the children will be doing during the year. This also contains suggestions of how you can support your child’s learning and the schools expectations. Please do all you can to put these suggestions into practice.

News and letters

You will receive a weekly newsletter from the Headteacher with dates of school events and general school news. Information from the school can also be found in the newsletters of four of our local parishes’ and on the information board outside the school entrance.


The school website will be updated regularly with news, information, dates, blogs, photos and any information regarding emergency school closure days (e.g. snow)

Texting Service

The school office and all teaching staff are able to send short text messages to parents. Please make sure the school office has your current mobile phone number.


During the year, you will receive invitations to various events. Please attend as many as possible to share in the successes of all the pupils as well as your own child.

Parent involvement

Here at St. Theresa’s we are always keen to welcome parents and carers, wherever possible, into school life and we value the contribution you can make.

All parents automatically become members of the Friends’ Association when their child joins the school. The social and fund raising events organised by the energetic and successful Friends’ Committee continue to provide money for much needed facilities and resources for the children.

Many parents like to volunteer their services in the activities run within our school.  Your help is invaluable and could take the form of listening to children read, helping with activities or attending school trips. If you are interested in volunteering to help, please contact the school office and we will be pleased to discuss options and safeguarding with you.