Science Week 2022

This week at St. Theresa’s, the children have been celebrating all things science. On Monday, KS1 were treated to a science exhibition by Dr Andrew Szydlo (a performance chemist and educator who travels the world teaching chemistry) and the children got to see a range of science experiments which left them amazed; there was lots of fire, bubbles and explosions in the hall and it was a perfect way to start our Science Week. Year 4 and 5 visited Christ College and took part in different science investigations. Year 4 looked at various science experiments focusing on static electric energy. They got to use a huge Van der Graaf generator that made their hair stand on end! They also looked at how they could pass static electricity onto each other by creating a human chain. Year 5 took part in a soundwave project –investigating how the differences in the pitch and volume of their voices changed the appearance of the soundwave created. On Wednesday, Year 5 and 6 visited the science labs in Bishop Douglass and used their science skills to become crime scene investigators. The children had to perform different science experiments to rule out potential suspects before finally revealing who they thought the culprit was. Thank you to Miss Georgious for organising all the activities for the children this week.