Year 1 Science Museum

Yesterday Year 1 went to visit the Science Museum as part of their topic ‘Moon Zoom!’ The children travelled by coach and two amazing workshops. The behaviour of the children was incredible and it was a great way for them to learn more about space and rockets. Here are some comments from the children;

‘We had two great workshops. One was called the garden and the other was called Pattern Pods because you were doing patterns. There was a small disco party and there was lots of colouring and lots of things to play with! You had to mash pizza dough around it was so fun. 


The garden was really fun too. There was benches in the shape of a rocket and there were lots of tunnels and lots of buttons that we got to press. Me, Katy, Radic and Ryan were making a wall with beanbags’. 

The children all came back full of excitement and had a wonderful day! Thank you to all the staff and parents that helped make the day so successful.