Year 2 Trip to the Tower of London

As part of their topic on Towers, Tunnels’ and Turrets Year 2 went on a special adventure to the Tower of London to take part in a fantastic workshop where they learnt all about the castle and trained to be knights! 

The class were greet by a special princess and went back in time and rose from lowly squires to brave knights who could protect the castle and kingdom from invading armies. 

We later got the opportunity to go inside the white tower and see lots of different suits of armour and even saw a dragon made out of weapons and shields. The highlight of most of the class’ day was exploring the hands on activities such as the sword training and the 3D model of the tower itself. The staff were so impressed with the children’s existing knowledge of the history of the castle and their ability to identify different features such as the arrows slits and the moat. Well done Year 2!