Year 6 Trip to RAF Museum

Year 6 had a fantastic time at the At the RAF Museum where they  flew into history as part of their topic ‘A Child’s War’. The class had the opportunity Immerse themselves in the stories of brave pilots, engineers, and heroes to discover the adventures of men and women through the RAF Museum’s exciting and unique stories.  The children  went of to explore local history where it happened, through the museum’s exciting, and engaging learning programmes. They were comparing materials that made magnificent flying machines; presenting mystery objects; dressing in real pilot uniforms from WWII; plotting strategy in a WWII operations room; creating fuselage, firing rockets, and playing pilots in mini planes. The highlight of the day was the amazing workshop where the children really got the opportunity to see what they have been learning about in class played out in real life. They even had a very exciting and slightly scary air raid drill to get ready for!