Personal, social, health education (PSHE) and Citizenship in primary school are planned programmes of learning opportunities and experiences that help children grow and develop as individuals and as members of families and social and economic communities. PSHE education and Citizenship equip children and young people with knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthy, safe, productive, fulfilled, capable and responsible lives.  PSHE provides a focus on the personal dimension and Citizenship a focus on the public dimension. The social and emotional aspects of learning (SEAL) provide a framework and ideas for teaching key aspects (‘domains’) of emotional intelligence. PSHE education, Citizenship and SEAL enables children to reflect on and clarify their own values, attitudes and feelings and explore the complex and sometimes conflicting range of values and attitudes they encounter now and in the future. This area of the curriculum makes a significant contribution towards supporting schools in meeting statutory responsibilities to promote well-being, achieve the curriculum aims and promote community cohesion.

At St Theresa’s we are following the Ealing scheme of work for PSHE. The original version of this scheme of work was developed by the Brent School Improvement team in collaboration with 6 of their primary schools over a two year period, it is based on the original scheme of work that was developed for both Brent and Ealing schools in 2005-2006. This version has been adapted by the Ealing Health Improvement Team and recognises that most schools already provide a broad PSHE education programme and this Scheme of Work is designed to support and extend that good practice. This document is a response to the positive impact that SEAL had over the years and the need in many primary schools to find a way to embed and sustain this focus in school life. The format of the scheme is a reminder that a comprehensive PSHE education and Citizenship curriculum is much wider than SEAL and needs to encompass work on a range of relationships, from personal to social, individual to collective and local to international levels. As such, key features of each of the SEAL themes have been identified as being supportive of, and therefore integrated into, the wider PSHE education and Citizenship focus.   ​