Photos & Events


Year 2 Trip to the Golden Hind

As part of their ‘Land Ahoy’ topic, Year 2 spent the day at the Golden Hinde! They were able to […]


Year 5 Trip to National Army Museum

As part of their topic ‘ Fallen Fields’ studying the First World War Year 5 got the opportunity to travel […]


Art Week

We have been celebrating Art Week at St Theresa’s! Our children have been producing some wonderful pieces of artwork and […]


Year 5 Trip to House of Parliament

This week Year 5 were really lucky and got the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament at the Palace […]


This is Us Day

Today we had an amazing The idea behind the ‘This is Us Day,’ is to celebrate the diversity within the school and to get […]


Year 4 trip to National Maritime Museum

Year 4 celebrated the end of their Trader and Raiders topic by visiting the National Maritime Museum to take part […]


Year 6 Residential

Year 6 had an amazing week away at Grovesnor Hall in Kent for the Year 6 residential trip. We were […]


Year 5 and 6 Maths Club visit to British Museum

A selection of the Year 5 and 6 maths group children got the opportunity to go the British Museum to […]


Year 5 Farm Trip

To celebrate and learn more about their ‘Allotment’ project, Year 5 went to visit We Are Grow at Totteridge Academy […]


Science Week 2023

Please look at the wonderful events from this years Science Week: All year groups took part in some fascinating experiments […]