School Sports

Sport is a fundamental part of our school life at St Theresa’s; each pupil participates in regularly games, gymnastics and swimming lessons along with the opportunity to attend extra curricular clubs.

PE specialists from Non Stop Action deliver high quality games lessons inline with the national curriculum which develop each pupils physical, thinking and social skills. Pupils will also participate in gymnastics lessons, which will be lead by the class teacher and support by the PE specialists.

Pupils are given with the opportunity to attend a wide range of extra curricular activities that extends their learning. There are a range of clubs run by school staff and by external providers, more information can be found on the parents & carers page.

Competition is important at St Theresa’s and many of our clubs which run will feed into a BPSS competition. Pupils who attend these clubs will have to attend an initial trial to become members of the squad, those whom have been selected will then attend squad training with a view to be selected for competitions and school matches.

We also have Sports Leaders and a Sports Council who assist with the improvement and development of school sport.


We have achieved the Sainsbury’s School Games Gold Award for the last 4 school years and have therefore been able to qualify and gained the Platinum Award for the school year 2018/19

Mr Troy is the subject leader. He will lead the Boys and Girls Football Teams as well as the Tag Rugby and Netball Team

We look forward to this years sporting calendar and will continue to build upon our sporting success!