Year 3

Here is the ‘Meet the Teacher’ information for Year 3: Welcome to Year 3 September 2020

Please see the following for the end of year expectations for Year 3:

Year 3 Maths expected standard

Year 3 Maths greater depth

Year3 Reading at Expected Standard

Year3 Reading at Greater Depth

Year 3 Writing Working at Expected Standard

Year 3 Writing Working at Greater Depth



Here are the maths targets the Year 3 children are looking at completing in their ‘Maths Passports’: Maths Year 3 Targets

Useful Websites for Home Learning

Times Table Rockstars

Spelling Shed

MC Grammar Songs

Read Theory

Oxford Owl – Free ebooks


The final topic of the year for the Year 3 children is ‘Tremors’.  They will be travelling all the way back to Pompeii to investigate what life was like in the Ancient city before it was destroyed. In maths the children will be investigating roman numerals and continuing their maths learning on time.

Tremors Year 3 Summer 2 

This half term Year 3 are going to be looking at the topic ‘Tribal Tales’. In this topic they will be reading ‘Stone Age Boy’ and carrying on their development of their creative writing skills. They will also be looking at what life was like for cavemen in the stone age and how humanity developed over time. Click the link below for the full curriculum map. 

Curriculum Maps Year 3 Summer Term

Remote Learning

Throughout the Lockdown period Year 3 looked at the story ‘Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. Please see some of the amazing learning they have produced at home! 


In Autumn 2 year 3 studied the topic ‘Heroes and Villains focusing on 101 Dalmatians and Fantastic Mr. Fox. The class looked at collages in their art learning and  also  looked at how to plan routes to different places in the UK using road maps. Click the link below to see the overview of the topic and see all areas of the curriculum covered.

Curriculum Web Heroes and Villains (1) Year 3 autumn 2

To start Year 3 class were looking at Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ as part of their topic ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’. The class  looked at the features of recipes and instructions. In science they saw the nutritional value in different food and the benefits of each food group. They will also being looked at the life and achievements of James Lind. Click the link below to see the overview of the topic and see all areas of the curriculum covered.

Year 3 Autumn Term – Scrumdiddlyumptious