Year 5

Please click here to see the presentation from the meeting on Monday 23rd January 2023 about the residential trip to Grosvenor Hall, Kent, in October 2023: Y6 Grosvenor Hall Jan 2023 meeting for trip in October 2023

Here is the ‘Meet the Teacher’ information for Year 5: Meet the Teacher Sept 2022 Year 5

Here is the long term planning for Year 5: Long term plan Year 5 

Please see the following for the end of year expectations for Year 5:

Year 5 Maths Expected Standard

Year 5 Maths Greater Depth

Year 5 Reading expected standard

Year 5 Reading Greater Depth

Year 5 Writing Working at Expected Standard

Year 5 Writing Working at Greater Depth


Here are the maths targets the Year 5 children are looking at completing in their ‘Maths Passports’: Maths Year 5 Targets

Useful Websites for Home Learning

Times Table Rockstars

Spelling Shed

MC Grammar Songs

Read Theory

Oxford Owl – Free ebooks



Autumn 1

Year 5 travel back in time to a land of pyramids and Pharaohs… Ancient Egypt. Year 5 will be showing their research skills and producing non-chronological reports on life in Ancient Egypt including things such as the mummification process, the importance of the River Nile and key events that occurred during the Ancient Egyptian civilization. Click the link below to see the overview of the topic and see all areas of the curriculum covered.

The children will also be visiting the Petrie Museum in London to explore a range of Ancient Egyptian Artefacts. 

Pharaohs Autumn Term 1 Planning Year 5 Map 

Autumn 2 

What sort of man would order the beheading of his wife? Was she really that bad? Travel back in time to the 1500s and meet the terrifying Tudors, a domineering dynasty that changed our history. Discover an opulent court where dancing and singing goes hand in hand with swift falls from favour, and even swifter falling of heads. Develop your painting skills in miniature, solve riddles and remember to protect your precious neck with a large white ruff, if you want to survive at Tudor court. Flex your detective muscles and become a criminal investigator. Will you find out the facts or will the evidence from the past bemuse you? How will you find the accused, innocent or guilty? It’s your turn to take part in one of the most famous trials that the world has ever known. Linked text: Treason – Berlie Doherty This linked text’s Love to Read guide can be found in the Library. Click here for full curriculum map The Tudors Autumn Term 2 Planning Year 5 Map

To kick start the Year 5 topic ‘Off with her head’ Year 5 went to visit the Charterhouse Museum. The Charterhouse is an amazing place for students to learn about the changing face of England. From monks to monarchs, discovering the fascinating stories of those who have helped shape the history of our nation. The Reformation under King Henry VIII forever changed life at the Charterhouse. We explored our former monastery and hear all about medieval monks before discovering Henry’s VIII’s personal reasons for a new religious order. Then the class discovered Tudor food, architecture and décor alongside the stories of those charged with keeping a grand Tudor mansion running. To finish we enjoyed an onsite object handling session to consolidate learning!